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If you are considering purchasing a modular home, you will find a wealth of information here.  Topics covered range from planning, selecting, scheduling to financing.


What is the difference between modular homes and manufactured homes?  What is the cost savings between a modular and site built home?  Can I customize a modular home?



Is a Modular Home the Right Choice for You?

Learn the process from someone who had one built

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If you are unsure how modular construction differs from other types of construction:

What is a modular home?

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This website is for those interested in purchasing a modular home or those considering one and wishing to learn more about them.  I will share my experiences and lessons learned while acting as the general contractor on mine in the St. Louis, Missouri area.


When researching modular homes, I found a lot of information supplied by builders or sales agents.  I am trying to add another perspective to that - that of the customer as well as being heavily involved in the planning and scheduling of the project.


I am not a general contractor by profession, so the information that I am providing here is just my experiences and may not be typical of all modular home construction projects.  In addition, this was not your typical building lot.  There was a lot of work to be done to get a driveway to the where the house was to be built.


I am attempting to put together in one place all the information that I gathered over about a year while clearing my lot in preparation of a road, building site and septic system drain field area.


The topics covered in this website are:

  • My story -  this is a little background about how and why I chose this type of home construction

  • Modular home builders - a list of builders and the states they work in

  • Modular home costs - site work costs usually not covered in the cost of the home

  • Tips - things I learned the hard way having my home built

  • Pictures of our home being delivered, set on foundation and the interior

I hope you learn something here that is helpful in your project!


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