Hard floors and carpets are two different surfaces. The way you clean a hard floor will vary from the way you keep carpets looking clean and fresh. Here are some tips from a rug cleaning Nashville location expert.

1. Remove Your Shoes

It’s an ancient Japanese custom to remove one’s shoes at the door. Westerners who adopt the same practice are doing their carpets a huge favor. When you wear shoes outdoors, you pick up all of the debris that is found on the ground. That dirt and debris is transfered to your home and can leave carpets dirty and foul smelling. Adopt the habit of removing your shoes at the door to keep your carpets clean.

2. Vacuum

One of the most common ways to keep carpets clean is to vacuum your carpets. Invest in a good quality vacuum that will last a long time and that is powerful enough to pick up even the most stubborn dirt. Make it a habit to clean your carpets every night before you go to bed. It may seem like a bit more work than you would like, but keeping up with vacuuming is being kind to your carpets.

3. Remove Stains Right Away

Sometimes our carpets may get stained with severe stains that could harm the carpet if left unattended. For example, if red wine is spilled on your carpet, wipe it up right away. You can use specially formulated carpet cleaners found in stores. Or you can make your own. For example, to remove red wine from carpets, mix liquid detergent with water. Clean the stain in a blotting motion. Never wipe the stain.

4. Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

The best way to get rid of stains on carpets and to keep them fresh is to hire a professional carpet cleaner. A Rug Cleaning Nashville company recommends a professional carpet cleaner due to the following three reasons:

1. The Pros Have The Equipment Needed To Do The Job

The pros have the equipment needed to clean a carpet in the best possible way. Even if you were to buy a carpet cleaner, chances are it will not be of the quality of the professional carpet cleaners on the market.

2. The Pros Have The Appropriate Supplies To Clean Carpets

The pros have the supplies needed to take dirt and grime out of carpets. They are professionals who know what chemicals are safe to use and do the job. Commercial carpet cleaning materials are what professionals have to do the job right. Over-the-counter products cannot match the strength of professional supplies.

3. The Pros Have The Time To Get Your Carpet Clean

The pros have the time to get your carpet cleaned right. Carpet cleaning is their job, and they will spend the time needed to make sure your carpet looks great.

To keep your carpet clean for years and years to come, it is important to take care of it. Follow the tips to clean your carpet, but hire a professional carpet cleaner at least once a year.