If you are planning to go into the window cleaning business, you will need to have certain window cleaning equipment in order to do a good job in an efficient manner. An endless number of stores, office buildings and other commercial type buildings have need of a good window cleaning service, and why can’t that be you?

One of the main tools that you will need to have is a squeegee. This is a long rubber strip that is attached to a holder. The holder is attached to a handle of various lengths, depending upon the height and reach you wish to accommodate during the cleaning process.

Squeegees come as disassembled so when the parts wear out, they can be replaced. Particularly the rubber part, as it is used, will wear out. When the rubber wears enough, it will stop making a solid contact with the window glass with a good seal, so it will become inefficient. Just take out the rubber and flip it over so the side that was inside the holder is now being used on the window surface, and this will double the life of the rubber.

You will also need a tool called a glass scraper, which is used to scrape off deposits on the glass that are stubborn and which your squeegee won’t scrape off of the glass. This tool actually a blade that fits into a holder for an even stroke across the glass.

You will need a cloth to wipe off the glass, and professionals either use scrim, which is a light textile made from cotton, or microfiber cloth which is a light, tightly woven absorbent cloth.

A T-Bar is a T shaped device that has a Terrycloth sleeve that is used to apply the cleaning solution to the glass of the window. The Terrycloth is very absorbent and is soft enough to give an even application to the area. It is wise to have several clean sleeves available for a good days work.

You will need a good bucket, rectangular in shape so that you can easily fit your T-Bar into it. This is used for rinsing your T-Bar and other items.

A window cleaning pole is a must for attaching to your T-Bar and squeegee for high places.

You will need to have on hand various sized ladders from a double or triple combination ladder, a step ladder, and a step stool. These will allow you to clean at all kinds of different heights.

There will be times when your customer will not be able to supply you with water, so take your own in
portable jerry cans. This way you will always be prepared.

Have a bottle of cleaning liquid with you at all times. You really won’t need too much to clean a window, but with lots of windows will use it up fast.

Be sure to have your business cards with you to leave with neighboring businesses.

With this array of tools and window cleaning equipment you will be ready and able to handle anything in which you encounter in the way of dirty windows.